CRM@Work provides Oracle|Siebel consultancy and implementation services, built upon on the 8 years of Siebel project experience and 19 years of IT experience of Maurice van Ettinger. CRM@Work specializes in integration between Siebel and other applications within a company’s application landscape (and beyond). CRM@Work has experience with solving integration problems with Siebel EAI (SAP, MQSeries and JMS), Web Services, EBCs, VBCs and file based interfaces. CRM@Work can also develop “outside the box” solutions for those integration problems that cannot be solved by Siebel technology alone.

CRM@Work also specializes in advanced configuration of Oracle|Siebel implementations using standardized methodologies, workflows and reusable code.

Other Oracle|Siebel-based services that CRM@Work can provide are technical design, configuration and code reviews, and application maintenance services.

Building on CRM@Work’s experience with Siebel integration, CRM@Work can also offer development of Apple iPhone and iPad solutions (either native or Web-based) that interact with an existing Siebel implementation.